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Bathroom loft-rooms

A loft conversion can be a major undertaking, involving workmen trawling up and down the stairs for days on end (or even several weeks) and scaffolding adorning the outside of your house. Many loft conversion specialist companies quote for the building work, but leave the choice of fittings up to the customer. This leaves a blank canvass for you to create an ideal bathroom.

The loft conversion process is involved, and can include the installation of steel beams and extra timber joists for adequate support, dependant on the kind of conversion required and if any previous work has been carried out. There are a number of options as to how you use the new space perhaps a bedroom with en-suite, a large open-plan wet room, a games room, study, or any other purpose that may take your fancy. If the motivation behind the conversion is primarily to add value to your house, then an en suite bedroom would be a logical choice. On the other hand if you want to add extra space for a growing family, then extra bedrooms could be the right choice. Loft bathrooms can also be a popular option for a growing family as well as boosting he market value of your property.


The nature of the initial consultation and the plans subsequently drawn up will depend on the intended purpose of the room. Either way, a conversion project is likely to require the skills of multiple sets of tradesmen, firstly to carry out the conversion itself and then to tailor the space for its intended purpose. Skilled trades such as carpenters & joiners will be needed (e.g. for the new stairway) and  electricians and plumbers for the new bathroom, depending on the specific design.

Whatever your motivation, the specialist loft conversion company will deal with the architectural considerations and obtain the necessary Building Regulations Approval (and should provide a Building Regs completion certificate when the job is finished).

Once the structural shell has been completed a key part of the job is to install insulation to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations and ensure your loft room is warm and comfortable. Moisture-resistant chipboard flooring can be installed as a base for the flooring.  The existing plumbing and sanitary system will need to be assessed to confirm whether or not it could cope with supplying hot and cold water to (and taking waste from) another bathroom at the top of the house. If not, extra pressure could be gained with a new coffin tank or pump, and there are plenty of modern piping solutions to make hot and cold retro-fitted plumbing possible.


With the conversion building work completed the space can then be tailored to your design needs. Greater consideration of flooring-type needs to be taken if including a bath ceramic tiles, marble or engineered wood are most common choices. The level of luxury and functionality you are aiming for will also dictate the kind of bathtub you choose (if any), the tap and shower fittings as well as the more aesthetic considerations like paintwork and accessories.

Most loft conversions need to maximise the given space and only have a set amount of square metres of floor space to work with. There are scores of space-saving options available, such as clever storage cabinets and compact sinks or toilets. Heated towel rails and vertical radiators also make much greater use of space than their deep column or cast-iron counterparts, while offering the extra heating solution of drying towels while also heating the room. Such installations are more ecological as they reduce the need for extra washing loads of wet towels and are a contemporary choice of heating solution.

The decision to create a bathroom in a loft space is made with different motivations, depending on the needs of its occupants. A two bedroom house may not need two full bathrooms, but a larger house with more occupants could utilise such a space effectively. The idea of a luxury spa-like space at the top of the house may also appeal, and either development will add value when it comes to any eventual resale. The important factor in any such conversion is planning: with a fixed idea you can create the right space for your house and family.





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