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Haynes Loft Conversion manual



Thank you to all those who have lavished praise on the Haynes Loft Conversion Manual! It is the best selling book on this subject.

Inevitably one or two typos got through the net. These are the 2 main offenders:-


1/ Updated edition published September 2010

Page 105, column 2, last paragraph.

"The stuctural work is completed by 'doubling up' the existing rafters with new 100 x 20 timbers...."

This should of course read 100x 50mm timbers (as it made clear later in the book).


2/ Original edition published 2008

Page 67

One point that that would benefit from clarification (revised in the 2010 edition) concerns compliance with the fire regulations at ground floor level, for the 'twin escape routes' option.

Where there is already an opening linking your 2 existing ground floor rooms, the door will need to be upgraded to a fire door (at least 20 mins resistance). Otherwise, the Building Regs do not require a new opening to be made between them.








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